» 2006 / November, 21st
The gig at Bar 68 has been postponed. The new date hast not been confirmed yet, but the show will take place sometime early next year.

» 2006 / September, 25th
Check out 66.6 megabytes of videos added to downloads. These clips are from two years back when we were recording "Existence Indifferent". Depending on how well our bandwidth holds, we might be adding some more videos next month... Maybe some live shit?

» 2006 / September, 2nd
We have been confirmed to play at Bar 68 in Jyväskylä on December 2nd. The last time we played there was amazing, so we're naturally very excited to get to do it again. We'll probably play at least 2-3 new songs, so get ready!

» 2006 / August, 26th
Greetings! To celebrate four months without updates... Here we go!

Atakhama is now a four-piece band, as J-V decided to step aside on April first (what a great timing). He just felt he didn't have the motivation left and that it was better to step aside than hold the rest of us back. No hard feelings, no drama, we're all still friends... And what a farewell party the Black Blood Tour was! We're keeping an eye open for a new, full-time guitarist to join the band, but we don't want to rush it. If you think you have what it takes, drop us a line.

The Black Blood Tour was an amazing experience, no matter how you look at it. Photos, tour diary and possibly even video footage will end up on this site one day. We want to thank everyone we met during the tour and those who made it all possible - you know who you are!

At the moment we're writing material for the second album and we're planning to enter the studio sometime next year. We feel that with the songs and ideas we have now, we have finally found our direction musically. You have been warned.

You can also now find us on . Let's all be friends, shall we?


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Existence Indifferent, 2005
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