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Rahikainen, Häkkinen, Salmi, Hintikka, Honkonen

Atakhama is a five-piece extreme metal band hailing from Finland. The band came to existence in April 2004 as a collective decision of Rahikainen, Honkonen, Häkkinen and Hintikka, when they decided to lay their previous band, Funeris Nocturnum to rest. It was time to take a fresh new start, as they felt that with the old band they could no longer achieve what they were after.

During the spring, summer and autumn the band worked hard on new material and gave finishing touches to late Funeris Nocturnum songs they had composed before the decision to break up the band had been made. Studio time had already been scheduled for the fourth Funeris Nocturnum album and cancelling this booking never crossed their minds. The line-up was completed in August with the addition of Salmi on vocals. Before entering the studio the band signed a deal with Finnish Woodcut Records.

Debut album "Existence Indifferent" was recorded and mixed in three weeks during September-November 2004 with Sami Kokko at his Sam's workshop studio. Totalling over 40 minutes, the album contains nine brutal, aggressive and fast songs in the modern death/extreme metal style. Finally, in December 2004, it was decided that the band - which up until then had been operating under the old name - would be called Atakhama.

"Existence Indifferent" was released on April 20th 2005 in Finland by Woodcut Records.


Jimmy Salmi - vocals

Simo Rahikainen - guitar

Matti Honkonen - bass

Timo Häkkinen - drums

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